The administrative hub of the SDA is the Secretariat. The day to day running of the Secretariat is overseen by the General Secretary and the Assistant General Secretary.

The Secretariat of SDA is presently run by Ms Laura Chia, Ms Tracy Ooi, Ms Celine Tan, Mr Jerry Choo and Mr Lee Jon Yang.


Dr Lawrence Yong

General Secretary

Dr Tan Tien Wang

Asst General Secretary

Dr Pua Hong Ping


Ms Tracy Ooi


Mr Lee Jon Yang

The whole secretariat team involvement – International Dental Exhibition & Meeting 2022 & SDA Convention 2023

The secretariat team involvement in various committees

Accreditation Team

Ms Tracy Ooi

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Team

Mr Lee Jon Yang

Ethics and Practice Management Team

Mr Jerry Choo

Internal Audit Team

Ms Tracy Ooi

NITEC in Dental Assisting Team

Mr Jerry Choo

Oral Health Awareness (OHA) Team

Ms Laura Chia

Property Team

Ms Tracy Ooi

Singapore Dental Health Foundation Team

Mr Jerry Choo & Ms Tracy Ooi

The Dental Surgeon Editorial Team

Ms Celine Tan

Welfare Team

Ms Celine Tan (Welfare), Mr Lee Jon Yang (Membership)

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