SDA Awards

The purpose of the Roll of Honour, SDA Meritorious Award and the SDA Commendation Award (collectively known as the SDA Awards) isto show gratitude and appreciation to those who have made selfless contributions to our Association, profession and the community. The SDA Awards are meant to honour Singapore Dental Association (SDA) Members who have served the Association selflessly, and to the benefit of the Assocation, profession or community. The Awards are to be bestowed to show the appreciation of fellow members to deserving volunteers of SDA.

Honorary Membership

2014 Dr Myint Soe

Roll of Honour

1974 Dr Lau Kieng Hiong

1979 DrJ A Jansen

1979 Dr Lim Kheng Ann

1984 Dr Lee Ek Chong

1984 Dr J M Robertson

1994 Dr Choo Teck Chuan

1994 Dr Lim Swe Teck

1994 Dr Yii Kie Mung

1999 Dr Yip Wing Kong

1999 Dr Tay Mai Hiong Edmund

2000 Dr Ho Kee Hai

2001 Dr Chew Chong Lin

2001 Dr Loh-Lee Woon Oi Teresa

2004 Dr Asha Karunakaran

2004 Prof Loh Hong Sai

2010 A/Prof Tan Beng Choon Keson

2010 A/Prof Teo Choo Soo

2014 Dr Lee Kim Chuan Lewis

2014 Dr Wong Yew Cheong

2022 Dr Ng Fooi Chin

2023 Dr Kuan Chee Keong

Meritorious Award

2010 Dr Lim Lii

2012 Dr Ang Ee Peng Raymond

2012 Dr Soh Yi Wei George

Commendation Award

2010 Dr Goh En Hui Charlene

2010 Dr Jee Shizhuan Terence

2010 Dr Lee Kee Kai Victor

2010 Dr Mok Yuen Yue Betty

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