Professional Indemnity

SDA members enjoy special subscription rates for professional indemnity by the Dental protection Limited (DPL) which is a division of Medical Protection Society (MPS). Dental Protection is the acknowledged international leader in dental risk management.

To read about DPL’s services to members, please go to

The importance of being in the correct membership category.

Members are reminded that it is their personal responsibility to ensure that the correct subscription is being paid in the relevant membership grade at all

times, and to inform the Scheme Administrator or Dental Protection of any changes without delay. Entitlement to assistance and indemnity may be jeopardised if an incident arises when a member is paying an incorrect subscription rate due to being on the wrong membership grade.

Alternatively, you may refer to FAQs at

Click here for the DPL Grade sheet for the year 2023.

Facial Aesthetic Procedures

The “facial aesthetic procedures’ category includes full general dental practice, including (where the member has been specifically authorized in writing by the

Singapore Dental Council), Botulinum Toxin,, Dermal Fillers, and/or wrinkle reduction treatments in the lip, the immediate peri-oral area including the naso-labial folds, glabella, forehead, around the eyes but excluding the neck.

Employer Indemnified

The employer indemnified grade provides membership for dentists whose employer provides indemnity against legal costs and damages in respect of clinical

negligence claims. This grade provides advice and assistance for the following;

  • Dental Council proceedings
  • disciplinary procedures concerning professional competence or conduct
  • Dental inquiries
  • complaints procedures
  • criminal matters arising directly from professional practice
  • ethical matters
  • inquests
  • Dento-legal problems arising from voluntary work

DPL membership is on an individual basis and would therefore not extend to the clinic.

The placement of dental implants is a specified procedure, for which special conditions apply (see below).

Specified Procedures (Orthodontics)

Fixed or removable orthodontics, in the absence of any specialist training and higher egisterable qualifications in orthodontics.

Specified Procedures (Level 1)

Placing of implants (excluding zygomatic implants) in the mandible or maxilla, including the use of bone grafts but excluding sinus lifts or bone augmentation which involves the floor of the sinus, or extra-oral bone harvesting. This rade also includes fixed or removable orthodontics, in the absence of any specialist training and higher registerable qualifications in orthodontics.

Specified Procedures (Level 2)

Placing of implants in mandible or maxilla, including sinus lifts or bone augmentation which involves the floor of the sinus, but excluding extra-oral bone harvesting.

Specified Procedures (Level 3)

a) one harvesting from anywhere other than the mandible or maxilla

b) Any maxillofacial procedures (see definitions below):

Maxillofacial procedures:

Surgical procedures extending beyond the dento-alveolar procedures as defined above, and falling within the recognised specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery including (but not restricted to) procedures such as:

  • Open reduction of complex fractures
  • Advanced surgical treatment of malignancy and other pathology
  • Osteotomies (maxilla and/or mandible)
  • Surgery involving the salivary glands, neck, TMJ or orbital complex
  • Rhinoplasty

(A) For Dentists, you must be the SDA member to enjoy the scheme rate, otherwise direct rate will apply in which you must contact the DPL directly. If you are

(A1) current SDA member, Click here to apply for DPL membership online

(A2) non-SDA member, you may apply for DPL membership, together with the SDA membership application.

Supporting documents required for SDA membership application :

  • Photo (in JPEG/PDF format, if by email)
  • Practicing Certification (in JPEG/PDF format, if by email)
  • Proposer’s signature (at the bottom right of the SDA form) (lt can be the employer, colleagues or friends but they must be SDA Life or Ordinary members.)

(B) For Oral Health Therapists (OHTs), it is optional to apply for the SDA membership. Click here to apply for DPL membership online

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