Seal Of Approval

In Singapore, the advertisement and promotion of medicinal products are controlled under the Medicines Act 1975 and its subsidiary legislation, the Medicines (Medical Advertisements) Regulation 1977. Thus, the application of products which fall under this category must firstly satisfy these regulations.

The Accreditation Committee will review all advertising claims for any product bearing the seal. Claims made in advertising or promotional packaging materials must be accurate in fact and in implication. Only those claims that can be supported by appropriate clinical and/or laboratory studies and scientific data are allowed. All statements relating to the general subject of oral health must be based on current scientific knowledge. All packaging and labeling claims must also be supported by appropriate studies. Advertising of the product must not result in the disparagement of other products.

The Seal may be used in commercial advertising to provide authoritative guidance to the public on matters pertaining to oral health. All advertising claims made for such products must be scientifically accurate. Currently, no product by itself is capable of eliminating all oral diseases. Therefore, advertisement should be clearly positioned on the concept of the product's capacity to contribute to oral health within the context of a total oral health program.

The advertisement may not use the word “dentist” or "Singapore Dental Association” in such a way as to mislead by implying a relationship with, or endorsement by the Association and its members. The “Singapore Dental Association” and “SDA Seal” may be used only to vouch for those facts that are directly related to oral health. The SDA or the dental profession must not be portrayed as promoting or endorsing any specific commercial product, other than the endorsement of safety and efficacy implicit in the approval. The SDA’s name and the SDA Seal may appear in advertisement if it is presented in good taste and professional dignity and is only part of the commercial message.

All advertising or promotional or packaging materials must be submitted for review and approved before use. Advertising is to be reviewed initially at the storyboard, script or rough copy stage. Final versions of approved print-ad layouts, audio and/or video advertisement must be reviewed before use. The Accreditation Committee will expeditiously deal with submitted material, and will treat all applications and related material submitted in the strictest confidence.

A product granted with Seal must not be advertised or displayed with other products in a manner that implies SDA endorsement of those products. This provision does not apply to conventional price lists or catalogs. Advertising of Approved Products with non-approved products in a single piece of advertisement is permissible provided the Seal is clearly associated with the Approved Product only and the advertising copy is approved in advance in accordance with the Advertising Guidelines.

Claims for safety and efficacy or any other claims are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and not the Singapore Dental Association. As these are guidelines for the evaluation of advertising material, advertisers are expected to comply with the spirit of the objectives of the Seal program. The Association reserves the right to review and amend the guidelines according to perceived need. In the event that a particular advertisement is found unacceptable by the Accreditation Committee, the advertiser has the right of appeal to the SDA. The SDA shall be deemed to be the final arbiter.

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