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SDA represents majority of the dental fraternity in Singapore. We have been around for over 75 years and is the largest association of dentists in Singapore. 

Membership has its privileges, and these includes:

  • Preferential registration rates for scientific lectures & conventions
  • Peer Networking
  • Access to dental classified advertisements & preferential advertising rates
  • Preferential rate for professional indemnity
  • Free counselling services by DPL’s trusted counselling partner (if you are DPL member)
  • Representation of members’ concern regarding dentistry matters with the appropriate authority.
  • Exclusive access to The Dental Surgeon
  • Regular access to email announcements
  • Free mediation services by our experts in the ethics committee for disputes with the patients
  • Exclusive invitations to social networking events
  • Exclusive discounts from our dental industry partners for new members and upon membership renewal
  • Exclusive discounts from external vendors for products and services

Membership rates

  • The SDA membership rates are inclusive of prevailing Goods & Services Tax (GST)
  • The renewal is for 2-year period, 2022-2023, 2024-2025, 2026-2027 etc. 
  • The subscription will be prorated to half a year if membership start from July onward.
Membership Category
Entrance Free (for new application only)
1st Year Subscription
2nd Year or Subsequent Year Subscription
Ordinary (New Grad)

SGD 54.00

SGD 108.00

SGD 216.00


SGD 54.00

SGD 216.00

SGD 216.00

Associate (New Grad)

SGD 54.00

SGD 59.40

SGD 140.40


SGD 54.00

SGD 140.40

SGD 140.40


No cost for joining SDA as a student member


No application – only for Ordinary Member who lives overseas

SGD 140.40

SGD 140.40

Types of Membership

1. Ordinary Membership

Open to all persons who are registered with the Singapore Dental Council (SDC) & practice in Singapore, including voting right during the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Ordinary Membership enjoy the full benefits.

  • Cost: $54.00 one-time entrance fee, $216.00 subscription fee per year

 (For Year 1 graduate: special rate of S$108 subscription fee for the first year if join within first year of graduation.)

2. Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to all who are unable to register with SDC, and include but not limited as follows:

  • Members of the Malaysian Dental Association;
  • Members of the allied professions who are interested in the advancement of dentistry;
  • Accredited members of any foreign national dental association that extends reciprocal membership to Members without the need for any application process; and
  • Postgraduate students who are accredited by the Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Singapore.

Associate Members will enjoy the same benefits as Ordinary Members but will not have any voting rights at AGM.

  • Cost: $54.00 one-time entrance fee, $140.40 subscription fee per year
3. Student Membership

Student Membership is open to all dental undergraduates. Student Members enjoy the same benefits as Ordinary Members but will not have any voting rights at AGM. SDA announcement / newsletter will only be available via emails.

There will be no cost for joining SDA as a student member.

Come join us and be part of the Singapore Dental Family!

Supporting documents required:

  • Photo (in JPEG/PDF format, if by email)
  • Practicing Certification (in JPEG/PDF format, if by email)
  • Proposer’s signature (at the bottom right of the SDA form)

(lt can be the employer, colleagues or friends but they must be SDA Life or Ordinary members.)

Payment Mode

Payment can be in cash or cheque payable to Singapore Dental Association.

You may pay via the internet banking or PayNow by UEN: S67SS0020A or PayNow by QR code.

Details of Internet Banking

Bank Name: United Overseas Bank Limited

Account Name: Singapore Dental Association

Account Branch Code: 063

Bank Code: 7375

Account No: 213-309-005-5

Kindly indicate the DCR number or your name (if DCR number is not available) as the remark for identification of the fund.

For enquiry, please contact us at 6258 9252 or email us at

Membership Forms

For membership enquiry, please contact us at Click the graphic to download the respective forms.

For DPL membership application, online application is the preferred mode. Click here to apply online.

Click here for DPL Grade sheet for the year 2023.

SDA Membership Application

DPL Membership Application

SDA Membership – Update of Particulars