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The Mediation Service of the Singapore Dental Association (SDA) is provided by dedicated volunteers committed to amicably resolving, through mediation, disputes related to the Dental Profession.

In our modern society, miscommunications often result that are unnecessarily challenged to the legal system for resolution. Such course of action consumes much time, energy and expenses for all parties involved.

Our aim is to facilitate identification of practical solutions that are acceptable to both parties.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a non-adversarial problem solving process. It usually involves

  • Identification of the key issues involved
  • Facilitation of constructive negotiation and
  • Exploration of ways of settling the issue

Parties involved are in control of outcome and do not run the risk of adverse decisions imposed upon them by a judge or arbitrator.

Mediation is not a process of fault finding and does not involve passing judgement on either party. It is a process that allows both parties to work towards an appropriate and acceptable settlement for themselves.

A) SDA Mediation Service is without prejudice and all discussions related to a case will not and cannot be used in a Court of Law.

B) SDA Mediation Service will not pass judgement on either party and will not testify for or against either party in a Court of Law.

C) SDA Mediation Service is indemnified against any claims from either party in handling Cases of Mediation.

D) SDA Mediation Service serves the right to refer cases to alternative avenues if deemed necessary or appropriate.

E) All details and information regarding Cases handles by SDA mediatiion Service are regarded as confidential, however, aspects of the cases can be used for educational purposes.

F) SDA Mediation Service will not mediate any case that is being investigated by other bodies.

G) SDA reserves the right to insist that all parties sign a mediation agreement before commencing mediation, furthermore, upon resolution of the case, parties are required to sign a settlement and discharge form.

In submitting the complaint to the SDA, the complainant is aware that the SDA is professional body and not a statutory body and therefore has no legal authority to conduct formal enquiries, to subpoena witnesses or documents and to discipline dentists, etc

The SDA provides a mediation service as an avenue for dispute resolution between our member dentist and the public. It may take our volunteers some time to gather the facts. We seek your understanding and patience in this.

"To the public and our colleagues, our pledge to you is that we will try to be fair and efficient in the process of medication. Our objective is to resolve your dispute in a way that is acceptable."

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