Flyer Insertion

All advertisement is subject to Council approval before you proceed to print.
Delivery deadline – 20th of the preceding month.
Number of copies subject to change. Please check for print run prior to delivery

Flyer Insertion Rates
(In SGD, subjected to prevailing GST):

 Dental CommercialNon-Dental Commercial

Non-coated Paper

  • A4 single sheet (not glossy, not matte)
  • Paper < 128 gsm

Coated Paper

  • Multiple sheets / booklet / pamphlet
  • Single sheet, coated (glossy or matte)
  • Paper >/= 128gsm

Frequency Discount (at least 3 bookings in a year)

  • 15% discount – upfront payment for all 3 insertions
  • 7% discount – payment by per insertion

Printing Cost (if black/white printing is done by SDA)

  • 1-sided $95
  • 2-sided $145

Advertisement size requirement: A4 to A5 size max 15g
Additional cost will be charged for flyer > 15g

16g - 35g36g - 80g81g - 150g151g - 230g

Flyer Insertion

Requests for information and orders should be addressed to:

Miss Norjana Taib
Singapore Dental Association
2 College Road Singapore 169850
Tel: +65 6220 2588
Fax: +65 6224 7967

All advertisement material is subject to Council approval.


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