Professional Indemnity

SDA members enjoy special subscription rates for professional indemnity by the Dental Protection Limited (DPL) which is a division of Medical Protection Society (MPS). Dental Protection is the acknowledged international leader in dental risk management.

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The table below lists the subscription grades.
For the Year 2021 subscription rates, please contact us via email at

Scheme Rate: These discounted rates apply only to SDA members who keep their membership of the Singapore Dental Association (SDA) throughout the subscription year, and who pay their indemnity subscriptions through the SDA.

Direct Rate: For comparison, dentists/therapists/hygienists who join Dental Protection/MPS directly, without becoming members of the Singapore Dental Association, pay higher rates.

General Dental PracticeScheme (S$)Direct (S$)
First year after graduationYD1 (>33 hrs/wk)
ZD4 (>22 - 33 hrs/wk)
ZD2 (>11 - 22 hrs/wk)
ZD1 (up to 11 hrs/wk)
D1 (>33 hrs/wk)
D1T (>22 - 33 hrs/wk)
2D1 (>11 - 22 hrs/wk)
DQ1 (up to 11 hrs/wk)
Second year after graduationYD2 (>33 hrs/wk)
TD2 (>22 - 33 hrs/wk)
YH2 (>11 - 22 hrs/wk)
QD2 (up to 11 hrs/wk)
D2 (>33 hrs/wk)
D2T (>22 - 33 hrs/wk)
D2H (>11 - 22 hrs/wk)
D2Q (up to 11 hrs/wk)
Full rate - third or subsequent year after graduationYD3 (>33 hrs/wk)
TD3 (>22 - 33 hrs/wk)
YRA (>11 - 22 hrs/wk)
YLA (up to 11 hrs/wk)
D3 (>33 hrs/wk)
D3T (>22 - 33 hrs/wk)
LAD (>11 - 22 hrs/wk)
MAD (up to 11 hrs/wk)

Specificed Procedures  
Facial Aesthetic Procedures
(eg Botulinum toxin, Dermal Fillers)
GBF (>33 hrs/wk)
TBF (>22 - 33 hrs/wk)
HBF (>11 - 22 hrs/wk)
QBF (up to 11 hrs/wk)
GDF (>33 hrs/wk)
TDF (>22 - 33 hrs/wk)
HDF (>11 - 22 hrs/wk)
QDF (up to 11 hrs/wk)
Specified Procedures (Orthodontics)1SO (>33 hrs/wk)
TSO (>22 - 33 hrs/wk)
2SO (>11 - 22 hrs/wk)
QSO (up to 11 hrs/wk)
S1O (>33 hrs/wk)
T1O (>22 - 33 hrs/wk)
H1O (>11 - 22 hrs/wk)
Q1O (up to 11 hrs/wk)
Specified Procedures (Level 1)1SP (>33 hrs/wk)
1ST (>22 - 33 hrs/wk)
1SH (>11 - 22 hrs/wk)
1SQ (up to 11 hrs/wk)
1SD (>33 hrs/wk)
STD (>22 - 33 hrs/wk)
S1H (>11 - 22 hrs/wk)
S1Q (up to 11 hrs/wk)
Specified Procedures (Level 2)2SP (>33 hrs/wk)
2ST (>22 - 33 hrs/wk)
2SH (>11 - 22 hrs/wk)
2SQ (up to 11 hrs/wk)
2SD (>33 hrs/wk)
STT (>22 - 33 hrs/wk)
S2H (>11 - 22 hrs/wk)
S2Q (up to 11 hrs/wk)
Specified Procedures (Level 3)3SP (>33 hrs/wk)
3ST (>22 - 33 hrs/wk)
4SP (>11 - 22 hrs/wk)
3SQ (up to 11 hrs/wk)
SPM (>33 hrs/wk)
TPM (>22 - 33 hrs/wk)
HPM (>11 - 22 hrs/wk)
QPM (up to 11 hrs/wk)

Non-Clinical Practice (No Contact with Patients)NCSNCD
Employer Indemnified EISEID
Hygienist / TherapistSOH / OTSOHD / OTD


The importance of being in the correct membership category

It is important to ensure that you are in the correct membership category in order to be able to have access to all the benefits of membership for the whole range of treatment you undertake, including requesting assistance with claims and complaints.

Please refer to the FAQs (in PDF format) for further information.

Alternatively, you may refer to the FAQs online.

Facial Aesthetic Procedures
Employer Indemnified

Specific Definitions

Relating to Dento-alveolar Surgery (including implant placement), Oral Surgery and Maxillofacial Procedures.

Dento-alveolar Surgery
Surgery involving the intra-oral tissues, teeth and dentoalveolar bone, i.e. mandible and maxilla, only.

This includes procedures such as:
• Dental extractions (incl. wisdom tooth removal), apicectomies, periodontal surgery
• Dental cyst removal
• Minor pre-prosthetic surgery

The full general practitioner rate includes any or all of these procedures.

The placement of dental implants is a specified procedure, for which special conditions apply (see below).

Specified Procedures (Orthodontics)
Specified Procedures (Level 1)
Specified Procedures (Level 2)
Specified Procedures (Level 3)


Click here for the DPL membership application form

(A) For Dentists, you must be the SDA member to enjoy the scheme rate, otherwise direct rate will apply in which you must contact the DPL directly. If you are

(A1) current SDA member, the following supporting documents will be required

– Photocopy of practicing card (gray) (Front) (in PDF format, if by email)

(A2) non-SDA member, you may apply for DPL membership, together with the SDA membership.

– No supporting documents required as they are the same with the SDA membership application.

(B) For Oral Health Therapists (OHTs), the following supporting documents will be required

– Photocopy of practicing card (gray) (Front) (in PDF format, if by email)

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