About SDA


Mission Statement

The Singapore Dental Association (SDA) is the professional association of dentists dedicated to serving both the public  and the profession of dentistry. The Association promotes the profession of dentistry by  enhancing the integrity and ethics of the profession and strengthening the patient/dentist  relationship. The SDA fulfills its public and professional mission by providing services and  through its initiatives in continuing education, research and the development of standards.


  • To promote the profession of dentistry.
  • To uphold the honor and interests of the dental profession..
  • To foster and preserve the unity and aim of purpose of the dental profession as a whole.
  • To provide and facilitate continuing dental education programs to keep up with advances in dentistry
  • To encourage the study and research in the field of dental science and related subjects.
  • To support a high standard of ethics and professional conduct of the dentists.
  • To increase public dental health awareness.
  • To provide a mean of communication between SDA and its members and external publics.
  • To promote the welfare of its members and organize activities to bond the camaraderie among members.
  • To serve the public by providing mediation services and through initiatives in community relations projects.


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